Southwestern holiday, with some acoustic shows...

Surprise! Denise and Erik are going on vacation to the American Southwest. Why should you care? Because we're doing a handful of acoustic shows while we're out there. Because there's no such thing as a pure holiday. We're playing Vegas, Denver, and Phoenix, all solo/acoustic. It's not a tour! Just some fun shows scattered within a trip where we have no real plans other than to hang out and see some beautiful country. ... (Read More)

Posted by: Erik  •  04/13/2014

Pre-order the Kettle Rebellion LP! Limited to 250.

We are now accepting pre-orders for the limited vinyl release of the Kettle Rebellion LP, exclusively through the Fistolo webstore (you can't get this anywhere else). It will be available digitally from online stores, including iTunes and our Bandcamp, on April 1st.

We are now accepting international orders again, for all releases! We're still trying to find a fair balance, especially if you are ordering multiple items. ... (Read More)

Posted by: Erik  •  03/29/2014

Stream the Kettle Rebellion via Punknews! Also, CD pre-orders from Different Circle Records...

Punknews is offering an exclusive stream of the Kettle Rebellion record. Check it out ! Also pre-orders for the UK/Europa CD version are now available from Different Circle Records. You can order them . 

We will post vinyl-ordering info soon! All digital versions ... (Read More)

Posted by: Erik  •  03/27/2014

SURPRISE! Kettle Rebellion album available April Fools' Day!!

We've been teasing a limited vinyl release, and here it is: 12 years after its recording, the "Kettle Rebellion" album will finally see the light of day! Kettle Rebellion was the first full-band incarnation of Mischief Brew in 2001, playing only five shows under the name. Eight songs were recorded but never mastered or released. Two years later, the mixes were stolen from Erik and Denise's house and put on Soulseek, with ... (Read More)

Posted by: Erik  •  03/26/2014

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